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PAL Principles

Mission Statement

PAL Kauai's Mission is to provide homes and sustainable living solutions within reach, restoring hope for the people of Kaua'i. 

Our Vision

To change the paradigm of "Affordable Housing" to "Permanently Affordable Living" (PAL).  We will not develop what we call "Sick Joke" affordable housing, because the average person on Kaua'i can't afford it.  


We are working diligently to provide (and encourage others to provide) housing which the average person living on Kaua'i can afford! We believe affordable housing should not just be "tied" to an arbitrary formula based on the average Area Median Income (AMI), which is artificially high on Kaua'i because of  the incomes of our affluent, new neighbors. 


We believe that housing should stay truly affordable, permanently and not just for 10 or 15 years.  


We believe Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) is not just building housing.  We are creating sustainable communities for residents of Kaua'i using innovative technologies and concepts which reduce the cost of living, protect the environment and increase quality of life such as:

  • Workforce and Farm Worker Housing 

  • Innovative Construction

  • Comfortable and Durable Tiny and Plantation Homes

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units (ATUs)

  • Walkable Neighborhoods

  • Shared transportation (electric bicycles, scooters and cars)

  • Solar power

  • Community gardens

  • Edible landscaping

  • Small Business Incubators and so much more !   


Kaua'i's  Gradual Tragedy  

We are a beautiful island 35 miles long and 17 miles wide with a population of about 72,000 people.  There are families that have lived here for many generations and we live by the profound practice of "Aloha." 


However, our local families are being forced out! Even if parents have a home the children and grandchildren of families that have lived here for generations can not find or afford housing. The facts are Kaua'i has:


  • The most overcrowded bedrooms in America

  • The highest cost of living in America

  • A shortage of teachers and crucial employees 

  • Businesses struggling to find and keep workers

  • The worst comfort index in America (cost of living to income ratio)

  • 50% of all homes sold to recent arrivals

  • 85% of building permits being used by recent arrivals

The former Director of Planing for the County of Kauai referred to the lack of affordable housing as "a creeping disaster that snuck up on us (over the past few decades, On Kauai and in many places around the world)." NHCDC believes the disaster is no longer just creeping, a devastating storm has hit and we are in an Affordable Housing CRISIS!

Our Goals

To provide Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) through responsible, sustainable development practices which respect the land, using our abundant natural resources:

  • Solar Energy Generation and Hot Water

  • Water Catchment (where practical)

  • Advanced Waste Treatment and more.  


To provide opportunities for economic development through services such as business incubators, computer skills, block chain and coding classes and financial literacy programs.


To be an innovator in housing development using a variety of construction techniques and housing types including wonderful, comfortable Plantation style and tiny and container homes, Air-crete construction and so much more!


To lead the State of Hawaii (and perhaps the nation) in providing innovative housing solutions that the people can actually afford. 


To meet the needs of the residents of Kauai for generations to come.  




Please contact us if you can provide expertise, land, money, powerful contacts or any aid in support of our Mission, Vision and Goals.  


Our History

It's Official !

Officially, Neighborhood Housing Community Development Corporation received its Articles of Incorporation as a Non-profit Corporation in the State of Hawaii on November 14, 2018.  We filed for our Federal 501(c)(3) Non-profit status and received approval from the IRS effective November 14, 2018. Our dba PAL Kauai was registered in August of 2019, to reflect the nature and spirit of our principles of development and connection to resilient and proven innovative techniques to lower the cost of living because ....It's affordable housing and so much more. 

True Beginnings

However, that's not really the beginning of our story. Jim Edmonds and Greg Crowe have been affordable housing advocates for decades.  Jim's awareness of the need for truly affordable started as a Real Estate Broker, where he focused his business model to helping local people.  Greg's interest in affordable housing was sparked as a young man helping his father develop subdivisions. Through this experience Greg developed a deep knowledge of sustainable building practices with the goal of developing high quality, sustainable housing, at an affordable price.  Both Jim and Greg have been helping others and advocating for Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) in their own way, long before they met.  

A Magic Moment


Being determined to do something about this "Gradual Tragedy", they both attended County of Kauai Council and Housing meetings on a regular basis.  Jim and Greg had met at many different meetings and their common interest and passion sparked a relationship that would eventually lead to PAL Kaua'i. PAL Kaia'i's Principles contained in our mission, vision and goals are conceived from the discussions between Jim and Greg and sincere efforts to solve the affordable housing crisis on Kaua'i.  

Fund Raising

Please donate "Capacity Building" funds in order to support our future projects and operational expenses.  PAL Kaua'i is a Federal 501 (c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible!   All contributions will be recognized with donation letters that will include our Federal Employer Identification Number for your records.  


Donation Match


Our current goal is to match our latest contribution of $30,000 made by a generous Anonymous Donor.  All contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated and tax deductable. 


Together we can make a difference!

At PAL Kauai we’re raising funds and promoting Permanent Affordable Living to stop "The Soul" of our little Island - our multi-generational families - from being driven from their ancestral homelands!


Kaua’i is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Anywhere you live, if you can’t find a HOME you move down the road. On Kaua’i, if your family has been here for generations and you can’t afford a home, you are gone from your ancestral homeland and your multi-generational family is torn apart!

We believe in taking action with urgency in order to address the housing emergency facing Kaua'i.  Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference supporting housing that makes sense for our neighbors, our family, our friends and our businesses on our precious little "Garden Island".

*Donations may be used for State tax deduction,
but not Federal until IRS approves non-profit tax exempt status. 


Projects & Concepts


We are using creative and innovative and sustainable approaches to housing that reduce housing costs, protect the environment and improve the quality of life for residents of Kaua'i  such as:


  • Shared transportation (electric bicycles, scooters and cars) 

  • Solar power         

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units (ATUs)   

  • Comfortable, Durable Tiny & Plantation Homes using innovative construction techniques such as shipping containers, panelized  construction and other efficient     construction techniques

 Thereby providing truly affordable homes and Permanent Affordable Living for our workforce, farm workers, residents, families and neighbors who live on Kaua'i.   

One of our favorite tools of progress is ​Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) 46-15.


HRS 46-15 is a live saver for Kaua'i!


HRS 46-15  allows for the construction of experimental and demonstration housing projects to identify techniques to save money on housing.  We believe this law is the pathway to completing our Mission, vision and goals.   Under HRS 46-15 the mayor of each county, after holding a public hearing on the matter and receiving the approval of the County Council, can designate areas of land for experimental and demonstration housing projects for the purpose to research and develop ideas that would reduce the cost of housing.  Once approved, the experimental and demonstration housing projects are exempt from planning, zoning and construction standards as long as it meets safety standards. 

"Demonstration Project" Approved!

Supported by former Mayor Bernard Carvalho (who taught us so much about what we were doing !) and many other prominent politicians, we consulted on a “Research and Demonstration Project” - which was quickly approved by the Planning Commission.  This four-unit  project (above) is a remarkably affordable, durable and comfortable project that will be constructed quickly and inexpensively from the abundant shipping containers that end up in Hawaii (see the plans above, left)  - in North Kapaa at the NoKa shopping complex on Kuhio Hwy.  Intended as workforce housing, this concept can be used in a variety of ways to rapidly, proactively, and creatively help solve the disaster of severe lack of affordable housing on Kaua’i.  

Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) Communities

This Permanently Affordable Living community is a prototype designed by  PAL Kaia'i's "Permaculture Consultant" - Jenny Pell - as a walk to work community and includes shared transportation, solar power, water catchment, permeable concrete, ATUs to handle wastewater, edible landscape and community gardens, a business incubator and more.  Container construction similar to the units described above are designed to be placed on site during construction to provide housing in months rather than years, or more.  PAL Kaua'i is actively engaged in negotiations for the construction of this site and continually seeking properties for similar projects.    

Think Solar

The sun is the ultimate source of energy, and on Kaua'i it is abundant. We can all benefit by tapping into its resources and it is a key element to creating Permanently Affordable Living. Different types of solar panels can be used to heat water or create electricity.  With solar systems household gas and electric bills can be reduced to little or no cost. 

Solar photo voltaic panels generate electricity for all your households needs.  Most systems are connected to the power grid and when generating a surplus, provide a energy credit to the homeowner.  At night when the sun is not generating electricity the household energy is supplied by the electric company.  Systems that are "off the grid" use batteries to store the energy created during the day for use at night.   


There are two types of active solar water heating systems;  direct and indirect.  Direct circulation systems circulate household water through the collectors on the roof and into the home. Indirect circulation systems circulate a non-freezing, heat-transfer fluid through the collectors and then water is made hot through a heat exchanger. 


ATU stands for Alternative Treatment Unit, Aerobic Treatment Unit or Advanced Treatment Unit.  These are waste treatment systems that are different from traditional septic tanks.  Generally they are more efficient and are better for the environment.  They can be scaled to meet the needs of an entire community or just one house.  Currently on Kaua'i, septic system and cesspool runoff create an environment disaster in our oceans and waterways during and after every rain.  ATU's are a way to build affordable living that respects and protects the environment.


Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) are similar to standard septic systems in that they use natural processes to treat wastewater. But unlike conventional systems, ATUs also use oxygen to break down organic matter, much the same as municipal wastewater treatment systems, but in a scaled-down version.

Because ATUs decompose organic solids quickly, the wastewater leaving the system is cleaner. ATUs are useful in environmentally sensitive areas or locations that are less suitable for conventional or gravity flow septic systems, such as inappropriate soil conditions where the water table is too high to allow the drainfield to operate effectively.

Simple ATUs

Simple aerobic treatment units are designed to be simple, strong and efficient. The units have no moving parts and deliver effluent with less than 5 mg/L BOD and 8 mg/L TSS. They are certified and listed as Class I Advanced Treatment Units by NSF, and are self-contained, compact, easy to transport and quick to install. There are no control panels to program, and no internal vanes or pumps. The entire system can be hooked up in about three hours. The ATUs break down 100 percent of organic waste, leave no odor, and can operate 20 times faster than a septic tank with minimal maintenance.

Working Towards a Brighter Future



Experience and Dedication with True Aloha


Jim and Harvest Edmonds first came to Kaua’i from Oahu in 1985.  Here, they raised three sons (who all call Kaua'i home) and started several businesses.  In 1988 Jim got his Real Estate license and soon founded Emerald Isle Properties on Kilauea Lighthouse Road, where it resides today.  Jim's experience includes completing more than 25 subdivisions, CPR’s and projects, personally and for clients.  Jim's belief in the need for Truly Affordable Housing and services for residents of Kaua'i has lead him to form NHCDC with a dedicated team of staff and board members.  He has a history of advocacy for innovative and sustainable approaches to affordable housing on Kaua'i and as Board President has committed 100% of his time and energy to the success of its mission for years.  Jim's drive to make a difference for the residents of Kaua'i is the force behind NHCDC.  Jim brings knowledge, experience, energy and True Aloha as President of the Board of Directors and guiding light of NHCDC.


Greg first moved to Kaua’i almost 30 years ago, and volunteers his time as an advocate of sustainable affordable housing and the preservation of the islands history and culture.  He is an entrepreneur, consultant, and private investor with over 40 years of business experience in residential development and construction (from single lots to 100 lot subdivisions), property management, medical research, preventive health care and computer science.  Greg brings incredible knowledge to NHCDC on sustainable community development and deeply affordable housing.  He is an advocate for innovative and sustainable high quality development techniques that reduce construction costs an average of 30% while cutting construction time in half.           Greg also teaches mediation in the community and brings a mindful, innovative and intelligent approach to building neighborhood communities that protects the environment, preserves the community culture and serves the people of Kaua’i for generations to come.    


Harvest moved to Kaua’i in 1985, with Jim, and together they raised their three sons and started Emerald Isle Properties (EIP). Harvest has over 40 years' experience managing company finances for several family businesses, including EIP and others, including Kilauea Paint and Feed, owned by their oldest son, Iao. Harvest joined Jim at Emerald Isle Properties in 1998 and brings a strong finance and Real Estate background to NHCDC’s team.  Together with Jim, they have helped many clients to plan, develop, list and sell many subdivisions including two of their own.  As part of their commitment to affordable housing, they listed and sold the 48 homes in “Kilauea Estates” Affordable Housing Subdivision, in 1998, and many other small and large projects during their combined 50 years in Real Estate.  Harvest continues to serve the community as NHCDC’s Treasurer and brings a reputation of honesty, fairness, creativity and good, old fashioned hard work.  She embodies professionalism, excellence and Aloha Spirit.


Originally from ‘Oahu, Ian, known as Hoku” to his friends, has been a part of the Kaua’i community since 1997. Hoku plays a crucial role at NHCDC providing outreach to Kauai’s Native Hawaiian Community and as Secretary of the Board.His experience in life and knowledge of Hawaiian culture and Language makes him an invaluable asset to our team. He is currently studying at Kauai Community College and hopes one day to receive a Masters Degree in psychology. Hoku’s deep understanding of homelessness and addiction as well as his unparalleled ability to articulate these issues and bring them to light through his writing is an intangible asset to our board of directors. Kahokuokalanimano’okalanipo, his Hawaiian name, means The Star that Shines Brightest in the Highest Heavens. True to his name Hoku is our bright star.


Taylor is born and raised on the North Shore of Kaua’i.  She is an honors graduate from the University of Hawaii and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 2015. Taylor is a passionate advocate for affordable sustainable housing, the environment, and concern for future generations of Kaua’i .  While working with Jim Edmonds, Taylor has been responsible for much of the research that has gone into the concepts of sustainability promoted by NHCDC.  Formerly a licensed Real Estate Agent working for Emerald Isle Properties in Kilauea, Taylor will be starting a new career with the State of Hawaii's Department of Hawaiian Homelands in 2019.   Taylor’s passion, knowledge, expertise, dedication and true Aloha Spirit are what makes her an asset to the community and the NHCDC Board.


Leilani Spencer, a graduate of New York University, is currently employed by University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Nutrition Education Assistant.  She provides life skills and nutrition education classes to limited income seniors and middle and high school students island-wide.  Ms. Spencer is currently the Executive Director for Supporting the Language of Kaua’i Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which is the fiscal support arm of Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School. 

As one of the co-founders of the school, she served as Kawaikini’s facilities director since 2008, which involved the development and implementation of State CIP Septic funds, management of architects, engineers, site workers and building general contractors, including the relocation and building permitting process for all of the buildings at the campus. She also managed a large multi-year project that involved the construction of roadwork, water and electrical infrastructure, and installation of approximately 10,000 square feet of classroom space for the school, replacing some of the tents that had been previously used for classrooms.   

Ms. Spencer was born and raised in Hawaii, and is passionate about maintaining, sustaining and stabilizing the tight-knit communities on Kaua’i that she’s always known and loved. 


A revered international and Kaua‘i cultural presence, Puna Kalama Dawson epitomizes the essence of aloha, whether formally teaching Hula or cozy at home.

“Aloha is the characteristic of mankind − to be kind − and to build relationships between one another. We must understand we cannot exist in this world alone, and find the common threads that we share in the global family,” Puna describes passionately.

Puna is a shining community figure, and is pivotal in supporting numerous programs, events and organizations that celebrate diversity and Hawaiian cultural values. From seed exchanges to surf meets and festivals to sacred ceremonies, Puna brings a gift of ancient Hawaiian wisdom and a family lineage that traces back through many island generations.   She is a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Affordable Housing advocate and finance expert, founder of Lihue Townhomes and a Local Activist.


Larry is an accomplished professional with over 25 years’ experience in government and non-profit services. Larry’s background includes affordable housing development, asset management, human resources, grant administration, fund raising, proposal writing, non-profit agency finance, public speaking, mediation, and grant compliance.  Larry has worked in local government in California helping finance affordable housing projects and reducing homeless populations through a balanced approach to services and enforcement.  As an administrator of  non-profit agencies, Larry has been an Executive Director providing housing as well as an Assets and Operations Director managing 749 units of low-income housing at 52 locations.  Larry is dedicated to serving the community and brings a level of expertise in non-profit administration, program management and affordable housing to Kaua’i and NHCDC that represents his love for humanity and Aloha Spirit.  Larry is also the co-founder of an event that has taken blind people surfing with Swamis Surf Association in California for the past 23 years and you can always find him once a month volunteering at Kaua’i Ocean Recreation Experience (KORE) helping persons with disabilities experience the joy of surfing.


A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

4270 Kilauea Rd. Suite I3
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