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January 24, 2021

You just got a notice from your landlord saying you’re evicted?!? NOW WHAT? Even more upsetting, your landlord has told or given you notice in writing that you have to be out in five days! Your mind is racing, and you think: Can they do that? Isn’t there a moratorium on evictions? Where can I go? What about my family? Are we going to be homeless?!?... read more

mstr head shotJim.jpg

Jim Edmonds 

President & Founder, PAL Kaua'i

March 21, 2021

In this month’s column we are going to try to “de-mystify” the affordable-housing industry! This is not easy, for it is truly a mystery. I’ve been in this business, full time, for about 5 years, and I’m just starting to figure it out. Consequently, this column is sort of ghost-written by Larry Graff, executive director of PAL Kaua‘i ... read more

jim and harvest.jpg

Jim Edmonds 

President & Founder, PAL Kaua'i

December 1, 2019

Here’s something pretty much everyone knows: Housing is expensive on Kauai.

Here’s something not everyone knows: There’s a group working to create housing that people can afford on Kauai, and better yet, they believe they are making progress...  read more


Bill Buley

Editor, The Garden Island Newspaper

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