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Our Approach

Who we are

Our Mission

Our Values

Providing homes and sustainable living solutions within reach, restoring hope for the people of Hawai'i.

At PAL, we believe that in order to achieve true affordability it is essential to develop homes that:

minimize energy costs

are cost-effective to construct and maintain over the building’s “life-cycle" 

Therefore, the need for strategies to aid the construction of affordable buildings to enhance sustainability cannot be overemphasized.

At PAL, our values define who we are as an organization and guide the way we work with our partners, within our communities, and with each other.

We have a deep commitment to our missionWe work hard to create the best and most realistic outcomes for our communities and stakeholders, and we have fun doing it. 

We respect, trust, and empathize with people from all walks of life. We see value in different backgrounds and skills. United by our values and passion to facilitate opportunity for underserved communities. 

We are redefining “Affordability” to include ALL the primary components of truly affordable living.  In addition to housing, affordable LIVING also requires food, utilities, transportation, wellness / healthcare, and sources of income.

Our vision includes making all of these essential components both affordable in “normal” conditions, and also resilient to the inevitable changes that come into each of our lives, both the expected and the unexpected changes. “It is not a disaster if you are prepared for it!” Our vision is an affordable and comfortable quality of life that is permanently enjoyed, throughout the entire life cycle. 

Check out what we've done already!

View the PAL Annual Report

We believe in accountability and operate with the highest standards of integrity and transparency

Our Approach

We embrace collaboration. It is the cornerstone of our organization. The connections we foster with our board members, executive team, government partners, and like-minded organizations is crucial to developing quality projects, in turn making a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve. 

Our History

Officially, Neighborhood Housing Community Development Corporation received it’s 501(c)(3) status on November 14, 2018. Shortly after, we created our DBA PAL Kaua’i to reflect the heart of our organization - creating resilient communities using innovative techniques and concepts to lower the cost of living for Kaua'i Residents.
Founder, Jim Edmonds, and founding Board Member, Greg Crowe, have been affordable housing advocates for decades.  Jim's awareness of the need for truly affordable housing started when he was a Real Estate Broker, focusing his business model to help local people.  Greg's interest in affordable housing was sparked as a young man helping his father develop subdivisions. Through this experience, Greg developed a deep knowledge of sustainable building practices with the goal of developing high quality, sustainable housing, at an affordable price. Both Jim and Greg have been helping others and advocating for Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) in their own way, long before they met.  

Being determined to do something about this "Gradual Tragedy", Jim and Greg both attended County of Kauai Council and Housing meetings on a regular basis.  They had met at many different meetings and their common interest and passion sparked a relationship that would eventually lead to PAL Kaua'i. PAL Kaua'i's Principles, contained in our mission statement, vision and initiatives, are conceived from the discussions between Jim and Greg and their sincere efforts to solve the affordable housing crisis on Kauai.  
President's Message

Meet Our Team 

Executive Director 
& Founder's Message

Jim Edmonds, Executive Director and Co-founder explains the "Catch 33" facing Hawai'i residents. It's like a catch 22, but worse. How do we fix it? 


Board Members

Experience & Dedication with Aloha


Leilani Spencer

Glenn with leis.jpg

Glenn Head

mstr head shot.jpg

Jim Edmonds
Executive Director, Founder

PUNA KALAMA DAWSON with hands.png

Puna Dawson
Board Member

Harvest shot 3 .jpg

Harvest Edmonds 

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 11.54.29

Janice Bond
Board Member 


Taylor headshot 5-17.jpg

Taylor Kaluahine Reid
Associate Executive Director, Founder


Larry Graff
Chief Operating Officer

Team Members


Bill Chase
PAL Construction 


Moana Waipa
Financial Controller


Racquel Segato-Figueroa
Development & Communications Director

Crystal Caday-Bargayo -02.png

Crystal Caday-Bargayo

Programs Director

Advisory Committee

Stephen Spears, Affordable Housing Kaua'i

Ben Welborn, Kaua'i Path Inc. 

Parker Croft, Architect

Tod Hansen, Retired Foundation Counsel 

Greg Crow, Chandas LP

Will You Join Us? Kaua'i, the Garden Island, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Anywhere else you live, if you can’t find a HOME you move down the road. In Hawai'i, if your family has been here for generations and you can’t afford a home, you are forced to leave your ancestral homeland and your multi-generational family is torn apart!


We believe in taking urgent action in order to address the housing emergency facing the residents of Kaua'i.  Please join us and support our efforts to make a measurable difference by helping to provide housing that makes sense for our neighbors, our family, our friends, and our businesses on our precious Garden Island.

Tropical Leaves

Get Involved. Get In Touch.

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