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ATUs - What We Must Do !

Advanced Treatment Units for a better, cleaner Kauai

Why Install an ATU ?

This is for you, and for the Earth . . . 

If you are a homeowner, a developer, or looking to replace your cesspool or septic tank

  • A Singulair Model TNT system is more expensive than a septic tank now. But this system is so much better for the Earth, and we hope you will help us install as many as possible so we can bring the price down! 

  • Advanced, energy - efficient technology that is easily operated and maintained without complicated and expensive equipment.

  • All incoming waste water is treated and returns nontoxic effluent to the environment within 24 hours. This system complies with the most stringent effluent criteria.

  • Uses half the energy required by the continuous – run systems. 

  • Eliminates odor and unsanitary conditions that septic tanks don’t! 

  • Operating costs are low with the low RPM aerator being the only electrical component.

Make Your Move Towards Protecting the Environment !