• Your monthly bill may be less than your current power bill, with *ZERO down payment !

  • You will not lose your power when KIUC's power goes down. So you can have power even in disasters !

  • We are burdened with costs of living that will continue to go up without any control. 
    lectricity on Kauai is expected to rise nearly 40% over the next 6-10 years (due to utility infrastructure needs). 

  • YOU can control your own power and costs. It’s not free, however . . .
    There are many options that can get solar energy and battery storage into EVERYONE’S hands. 

  • There are programs that allow anyone to get solar without spending any money or getting a loan. 
    There is NO reason why everyone should not have their own home energy system. 

  • There are packages that are customized to each person’s usage. 

    The down payment can be as low as *$0 if you choose. 

    * Depending on circumstances and your qualifications

Why Solarize Your Home ?

This is for you and for our Earth . . . 

If you are a homeowner or a developer

(or a tenant with homeowner's approval)

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as low as $0 down

Solar energy for a positive contribution to the Earth...and for a SELF SUSTAINING home!

Make Your Move Towards Sustainable Living and Protecting Our Island Environment !


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