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The Affordable Housing Preliminary Project Application & Approval Process

Quote from Kaua'i County's Current Planning Director:

" Bonafide Affordable Housing Developers have left the Island because of our “Discretionary Approval Process” 

Simply, unwilling to gamble serious money and time just to

find out if they can do an affordable housing project."

The Proposal: 

The Affordable Housing Preliminary Project Application

& Approval (AHAA) Process

Although the current permit application process is safe and familiar, so it feels comfortable to us who are “On-island”, it is contributing to keeping away the much-needed, larger affordable housing developers.  As it stands now, all of the pressure and risk are on the Developer.  He has to spend a medium-sized fortune and years of work before he knows if his project will even be accepted.  The County can dramatically reduce (even share) that risk and simplify the entire process, by implementing the following:


Part one:

The Mayor inaugurates a simple Kaua'i Consolidate Affordable Housing Preliminary Concept Approval Process

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