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"A Home for Everyone"

Edmonds and wife Harvest... are motivated to drastically change Kaua‘i’s housing market with the goal of providing homes and permanently affordable living situations for residents. With that objective in mind, they created the newly minted nonprofit PAL-Kaua‘i, which stands for Permanently Affordable Living Kaua‘ more

"Housing - and so much more!"

Here’s something pretty much everyone knows: Housing is expensive on Kauai.

Here’s something not everyone knows: There’s a group working to create housing that people can afford on Kauai, and better yet, they believe they are making progress...  read more

"100 come to meeting on EIS for Kealia Mauka subdivision"

“Today we are here to lend our support for approval of this EIS petition,” said Larry Graff, executive director of Neighborhood Housing Community Development Corporation. “We have been in communication with the developer’s representatives and we believe their goals and intent are to provide as many truly affordable homes as possible... read more

"Help make affordable housing happeN"

Many of you know that our home of 33 years, our dear little Kauai, is facing the major challenge of having no affordable housing for our local families. And some of you know that Harvest and I have committed to help solve this conundrum, and have been working on it for years now... read more

"Kauai’s hidden homeless: Hoku Rowland"

The majority of our chronically homeless believe that the system has failed them, there is no hope, no trust — just criminalization.

Homeless individuals and families are not created equally. Many struggle with a multitude of issues that take a case-by-case approach to resolve... read more

"Election reflection:

Our homeless neighbor"

Over half of all residents on Kauai are one paycheck from the street! Based on “Affordability of Living” – Kauai is the worst county in the nation and we have the most crowded bedrooms. So many people end up losing their homes...

... read more

"Let’s get serious about growing our own food"

So … just how can we help ourselves to have more local food production and preserve our “rural lifestyle” and improve this situation for current and future bona fide farmers?...

... read more

"Affordable housing crisis: Hopeful suggestions for

The government"

Last month, we talked about what you can do to help with the affordable housing crisis — and now we talk politics. The majority of us have, at one time or another, experienced frustrations with state and county policies — especially in building, renting and paying taxes... read more

"Affordable housing crisis: How you can help"

Finding “truly” affordable housing on Kauai is an almost impossible task ! Why? Plain and simple … there are none! A “truly” affordable home, based on the average income of a Kauai household, would be around $250,000! Which is sad — since the median sale price is $698,000! (June 2017.) ... read more

"Is a $500,000 home affordable?"

We’ve gained a perspective on Hawaii that many people never get to see. When I first got into real estate in 1988, I sold a five-acre lot on the bluff overlooking Secret Beach for $225,000. Today, a piece that is less than 2 acres, with a nice house, just a couple of lots over, was recently listed for $30 million... read more

"Residents: Housing, planning need General Plan attention"

Jim Edmonds, a real estate agent in Kilauea, said he is committed to helping local families find affordable homes, but it’s difficult.

“...There are no reasonable places to live on the island, so we’ve figured out the only way to help the island is build truly affordable houses.” 

... read more


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