Our Mission is to provide homes and sustainable living solutions within reach, restoring hope for the people of Kaua'i.
Our Vision is to change the paradigm of "Affordable Housing" to "Permanently Affordable Living" (PAL).
If you are looking for information on or support regarding Covid-19, please refer to our trusted resources below.

County of Kaua'i Weekday Reports

Updates on our community's plan to flatten the curve and state of the county reports.

Legal Aid Society of Hawai'i

State wide information on housing, utilities and services, and mortgage support.

State of Hawai'i

Department of Health

What you should know and what you can do during Covid-19.

Aloha United Way

Immediate connection with a variety of support programs: housing, food, legal, etc.

Centers for Disease Control

Breaking news updates on health and safety procedures.

Aging & Disability Resource Center

Food and shelter resources for Hawai'i's elder community.

PAL Programs & Initiatives

We are Working hard on improving the kaua'i community for everyone. Here are few programs we are currently working on...


Solar energy is better for our island home and better for your wallet. PAL Kaua'i is working with Solarize Kaua'i to help homeowners AND renters convert to solar with zero down payment. 


All septic tanks in Hawai'i will need to be replaced by 2049. ATU's are an alternative to septic systems that treat wastewater to a higher degree, which means a higher-quality wastewater output that is better for the environment.


PAL Kaua'i works with faith based organizations to acquire land and build affordable housing. Where some say "not in my backyard," we say "Yes, in God's backyard!" 


Kaua'i's current, discretionary process for approving affordable housing has scared off many Affordable Housing Developers. PAL works with and seeks to work with these developers and streamline the process. 

Truly and Permanently Affordable Living

The true core of who we are and what we strive to do: build communities centered around permanently affordable living. We know that housing isn't it enough. We need to build something that lasts, and that means building it right.  

Yes, In God's Back Yard!

Advanced Treatment Unit

"Come in" or "welcome"

You can support PAL...

...with your time, talents, or treasures. 

Please call (808)738-6707, donate using our paypal button, or send us an email below. 

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