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About Us

We will not develop what we call "Sick Joke" affordable housing . . .

Because the average person on Kaua'i cannot afford it.  

We are working diligently to provide (and encourage others to provide) housing which the average person living on Kaua'i can afford !

We believe affordable housing should not just be "Tied" to an arbitrary formula based on the average Area Median Income (AMI), which is artificially high on Kaua'i because of the incomes of our affluent, new neighbors. 


We believe that housing should stay truly affordable, permanently, not just for 10 or 15 years.  


We believe Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) is not just building housing ! We are creating sustainable communities for residents of Kaua'i using innovative technologies and concepts which reduce the cost of living, protect the environment and

increase the quality of life such as:

·       Workforce and Farm Worker Housing 

·       Innovative Construction

·       ​Comfortable and Durable Tiny and Plantation Homes

·       Advanced Wastewater Treatment Units (ATUs)

·       Walkable Neighborhoods

·       Shared transportation (electric bicycles, scooters and cars)

·       Solar power

·       Community gardens

·       Edible landscaping

·       Small Business Incubators and so much more !   

Kauai's Gradual Tragedy

We are a beautiful island 35 miles long and 17 miles wide with a population of about 72,000 people. There are families that have lived here for many generations and we live by the profound practice of "Aloha." 


However, our local families are being forced out! Even if parents have a home the children and grandchildren of families that have lived here for generations can not find or afford housing.


The facts are Kaua'i has:


·       The most overcrowded bedrooms in America

·       The highest cost of living in America

·       A shortage of teachers and crucial employees 

·       Businesses struggling to find and keep workers

·       The worst comfort index in America (cost of living to income ratio)

·       50% of all homes sold to recent arrivals

·       85% of building permits being used by recent arrivals

The former Director of Planning for the County of Kauai referred to the lack of affordable housing as "a creeping disaster that snuck up on us (over the past few decades, On Kauai and in many places around the world)."


PAL Kaua'i believes the disaster is no longer just creeping, a devastating storm has hit

and we are in an Affordable Housing CRISIS!

PAL Goals 

To provide Permanently Affordable Living (PAL) through responsible, sustainable development practices which respect the land, using our abundant natural resources:

·       Solar Energy Generation and Hot Water

·       Water Catchment (where practical)

·       Advanced Waste Treatment and more.  


To provide opportunities for economic development through services such as business incubators, computer skills, block chain and coding classes and financial literacy programs.


To be an innovator in housing development using a variety of construction techniques and housing types including wonderful, comfortable plantation style and tiny and container homes, Air-crete construction and so much more!


To lead the State of Hawaii (and perhaps the nation) in providing innovative housing solutions that the people can actually afford. 


To meet the needs of the residents of Kauai for generations to come.  

Please contact us if you can provide expertise, land, money, powerful contacts

Or any aid in support of our Mission, Vision and Initiatives.