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Jim Edmonds - Jim and Harvest Edmonds  first came to Kaua’i from Oahu in 1985.  Here, they raised three sons (whom all call Kaua'i home) and started several businesses.  In 1988,  Jim got his Real Estate license and soon founded Emerald Isle Properties on Kilauea Lighthouse Road, where it resides today.  Jim's experience includes completing more than 25 subdivisions, CPR’s and projects, personally and for clients.  Jim's belief in the need for Truly Affordable Housing and services for residents of Kaua'i has lead him to form Permanently Affordable Living Kaua'i with a dedicated team of staff and board members.  He has a history of  advocacy for innovative and sustainable approaches to affordable housing on Kaua'i and as Board President has committed 100% of his time and energy to the success of its mission for years.  Jim's drive to make a difference for the residents of Kaua'i is the force behind Permanently Affordable Living Kaua'i. Jim brings knowledge, experience, energy, and True Aloha as President of the Board of Directors and guiding light of Permanently Affordable Living Kaua'i.

Harvest Edmonds - Harvest moved to Kaua’i in 1985, with Jim, and together they raised their three sons and started Emerald Isle Properties (EIP). Harvest has over 40 years' experience managing company finances for several family businesses, including EIP and others, including Kilauea Paint and Feed, owned by their oldest son, Iao. Harvest joined Jim at Emerald Isle Properties in 1998 and brings a strong finance and Real Estate background to Permanently Affordable Living Kaua'i’s team.  Together with Jim, they have helped many clients to plan, develop, list, and sell many subdivisions including two of their own.  As part of their commitment to affordable housing, they listed and sold the 48 homes in “Kilauea Estates” Affordable Housing Subdivision, in 1998, and many other small and large projects during their combined 50 years in Real Estate.  Harvest continues to serve the community as Permanently Affordable Living Kaua'i’s Treasurer and brings a reputation of honesty, fairness, creativity, and good, old-fashioned hard work. She embodies professionalism, excellence, and Aloha Spirit.

Larry Graff - Larry is an accomplished professional with over 25 years’ experience in government and non-profit services. Larry’s background includes affordable housing development, asset management, human resources, grant administration, fundraising, proposal writing, non-profit agency finance, public speaking, mediation, and grant compliance.  Larry has worked in local government in California helping finance affordable housing projects and reducing homeless populations through a balanced approach to services and enforcement. As an administrator of non-profit agencies, Larry has been an Executive Director providing housing as well as an Asset and Operations Director managing 749 units of low-income housing at 52 locations. Larry is dedicated to serving the community and brings a level of expertise in non-profit administration, program management, and affordable housing to Kaua’i and Permanently Affordable Living Kaua’i that represents his love for humanity and Aloha Spirit. Larry is also the co-founder of an event that has taken blind people surfing with Swamis Surf Association in California for the past 23 years and you can always find him once a month volunteering at Kaua’i Ocean Recreation Experience (KORE) helping persons with disabilities experience the joy of surfing.

Leilani Spencer - Leilani Spencer, a graduate of New York University, is currently employed by the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Nutrition Education Assistant.  She provides life skills and nutrition education classes to limited-income seniors and middle and high school students island-wide.  Ms. Spencer is currently the Executive Director for Supporting the Language of Kaua’i Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which is the fiscal support arm of Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School. As one of the co-founders of the school, she served as Kawaikini’s facilities director since 2008, which involved the development and implementation of State CIP Septic funds, management of architects, engineers, site workers, and building general contractors, including the relocation and building permitting process for all of the buildings at the campus. She also managed a large multi-year project that involved the construction of roadwork, water and electrical infrastructure, and installation of approximately 10,000 square feet of classroom space for the school, replacing some of the tents that had been previously used for classrooms. Ms. Spencer was born and raised in Hawaii and is passionate about maintaining, sustaining and stabilizing the tight-knit communities on Kaua'i that she's always known and loved. 

Glenn Head - Glenn first came to Kauai in 1965, learning to surf in front of the Coco Palms Hotel. Returning many times, he and his wife, Marian, came on their honeymoon in 1985 and eventually purchased a home here in 2003. At the same time, they purchased a run-down property in the Homesteads and gave it new life to serve the need for local rental housing. 


Glenn and Marian served on the faculty for Leadership Kauai. Glenn founded Ohana Legacy Foundation in 2019 in response to the conversion of Waipouli Apartments in Wailua from affordable to market rate rents.

Glenn’s focus is to develop forever attainable housing on Kauai and beyond. He served two years as an advisor to the PAL Board before becoming an elected member. He has co-founded or served on the board/executive team of eight different nonprofit and nineteen for-profit organizations. Today his passion has turned to nonprofit capitalism, inspiring and guiding individuals, groups, and organizations to live their dreams while contributing to the good of the Whole.


Glenn says, “We all deserve dignity. To achieve this, we need a different structure: a nonprofit, regenerative housing solution. It's time to shift the paradigm from ever-inflated market rate rental of housing and commercial property to at-cost rental rates that are stable for multiple generations. We are researching hemp-based construction materials and 3D home printing for lower construction costs with materials that are regenerative, eco-positive, and built to last hundreds of years so we can lower the cost significantly below what is currently considered affordable.”

Puna Dawson - A revered international and Kaua‘i cultural presence, Puna Kalama Dawson epitomizes the essence of aloha, whether formally teaching Hula or cozy at home.“Aloha is the characteristic of mankind − to be kind − and to build relationships between one another. We must understand we cannot exist in this world alone, and find the common threads that we share in the global family,” Puna describes passionately. Puna is a shining community figure and is pivotal in supporting numerous programs, events, and organizations that celebrate diversity and Hawaiian cultural values. From seed exchanges to surf meets and festivals to sacred ceremonies, Puna brings a gift of ancient Hawaiian wisdom and a family lineage that traces back through many island generations. She is a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, an Affordable Housing advocate, finance expert, and founder of Lihue Townhomes and a local activist.

Janice BondJanice Bond taught Gifted/Talented English/speech/journalism at Kapaa & Kauai High Schools. She was a Core Curriculum Coordinator and retired after 20 years of teaching. 

  • 1991 Hawaii State Teachers of English Middle School Teacher of the Year 

  • 2001 Ola Pono Individual Award winner 

  • 2009 Kauai County Female Senior Volunteer 

  • 2009 KRTA/HEA/HSRTA Retired Teacher Volunteer of the Year 

  • Kauai Retired Teachers Association 

  • Hawaii Education Association Board/Finance/Scholarship/TAAC Committees 

  • Hawaii State Teachers Association retired delegate to state convention, Kauai Chapter Vice 

  • President, Elections Chair 

  • Delta Kappa Gamma, Eta Chapter 

  • Read To Me International, 8 years Kauai Keiki Story Festival coordinator 

  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), 19 years 

  • Hawaii Commission for National & Community Services 2005-2008, 2011-2021 

  • Kauai Democratic Party, Past District 15 Chair 12 years, 2016 State Presidential Elector, 2020 Presidential Elector 2nd Alternate 

  • East Kauai Lions Club, Program Chair, Membership Chair, Leo chaperone, Current President 2020-2021 

  • Kauai Chamber of Commerce, Kauai Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Lihue Business 

  • Association 

  • Kauai County Elderly Affairs Advisory Council Vice President 

  • Salvation Army Kauai Board member 2020-2021 

  • Veterans Center Golf Tournament organizing member 2020, 2021 

  • Assisting food bagging & distribution with Kauai Independent Food Bank 2020-2021

Glenn Head
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